Sensual Balance tantra hieronta Tampere

Sensual Balance Hieronta, Tampere


My name is Hanna, from The Netherlands and regularly staying in Tampere. I’m an experienced massage therapist in various branches of wellness-and relaxation massage. Currently I’m focusing myself on the traditional Indian form of Tantric massage.

Tantra massage is an extraordinary form of sensual massage. In a relaxing, atmospheric and quiet environment you will have the experience of being completely in the moment, feeling your whole body as an exquisite sensual instrument. There will be an excitatory variation in firm grip and soft, sensual strokes throughout the whole body. I will use my hands, but also other sense-stimulating massage tools with a silky soft, warmer or colder feeling to awaken all senses. The oil is comfortably warm, and aromatic or neutral by the customer’s preference. Furthermore, the massage has a therapeutic aspect, relieving stress and muscular discomfort with impact on the deeper tissues in the body. 
Does this appeal to you? Find more information about the possibilities on this website, and feel more than welcome for a great massage experience!

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